Creation of Muddyboots farm began in early 2022, when we first introduced rabbits and guinea pigs into the "Uppers" department. Some older students work towards qualifications in Animal Care as part of their programme of study but the animals also provide opportunities for all learners, ranging from therapeutic benefits and sensory experiences to curriculum opportunities in Maths, English, Sciences, Communication and much, much more.

Chickens quickly followed and it was clear that more space was needed – Muddy Boots Farm was born when an unused 160 square metre space was fenced off and repurposed to make it accessible to all. We quickly fundraised for a Chicken “palace”, which gives plenty of space for the five chickens. Further to this, 2 pygmy goats joined the farm over the summer after the Highfield Friends and Parents Association (HFPA) raised funds for a goat shed. A rabbit “mansion” is now also on site.

Moving forward, the HFPA are raising further funds for a fully accessible fenced pond area where students will be able to experience pond dipping in safety. 

We plan to open Muddy Boots Farm up to small groups of visitors from local schools and other parts of the community from Spring 2023, giving our students valuable work experience as guides and developing their confidence.





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