Places at Highfield are offered using the following criteria:

  1. The pupil has a statement of special educational need or EHC plan, or this process is underway.
  2. Paperwork is sent through the Statutory Assessment and Resources Team (START)
  3. Special school education rather than a mainstream setting can best meet the pupil’s needs.
  4. Resources are available to meet the pupil’s needs.
  5. The pupil wants to come to the school.
  6. The parents agree to the school’s policies and/or its philosophy/ethos.
  7. A place is available in the appropriate key stage and class group.
  8. The school offers a placement which is appropriate for the pupil and is the nearest available to their home.
  9. The placement has been agreed by the school and the Local Authority.
  10. If the pupil’s individual needs cannot be met within existing resources the appropriate staffing is to be agreed and arranged within the appropriate authorities before the child is admitted.
  11. The school will be allowed full access to the pupil’s medical, academic and social records where necessary to build up a ‘pen-picture’ of the child’s need. This will ensure that any placement offered will be appropriate, both for the individual pupil and for other pupils already at the school.

Constraints on admissions:

  1. The pupil requires a residential placement.
  2. The pupil has communication/sensory/physical/social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties but does not have learning difficulties.
  3. The pupil needs substantial and regular support from a teacher qualified in the teaching of the visually and/or hearing impaired.
  4. The pupil has other needs outlined in his/her statement that Highfield cannot accommodate.

If you are unsuccessful with your application to Highfield you can appeal to the START Team. Their contact details are below.

The contact  details for the START Team are: (Statutory Assessment and Resources Team)

Telephone: 01480 372600



To visit the Cambridgeshire County Council Admissions information please click on the link below:


Cambridgeshre County Council

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