Our aim is for the best possible outcomes for every young person - whatever their starting point, and regular attendance is essential for significant long term progress. We want every student to be in school as much as they possibly can and we aspire to get as close to 100% as possible.

Sickness Absence

Students, like the rest of us, will sometimes be unwell - our attendance policy covers how we deal with this and what we ask parents and carers to do in terms of contacting us. Many of our young people are more vulnerable to illness than their peers and our policy takes this into account, along with a recognised need for some of our students to have regular medical appointments.

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Attendance and Safeguarding

We recognise the clear link between non-attendance and safeguarding and we have a duty of care to ensure that all pupils are in school as much as they can be. We are also responsible for checking that they are safe and well when they are off for a slightly longer period of time (see policy above).