Complaints Policy

Although we always strive to provide an excellent service to our students and families, we recognise that there will be times where parents and carers are not satisfied with some decisions we have made or how we have acted. 

In this instance parents and carers have several different options in terms of who to complain to.

An initial complaint may go directly to a class teacher or to our family liaison worker, Carole Darlow. Teachers are often best contacted through the home/school diary or by email. All of our staff emails work in the following format

If this initial approach has not resolved the problem, or if the matter is of a more serious nature a further complaint can go directly to the Head of School, Adam Daw on

If the Head of School is unable to help you, you may wish to contact the Executive Headteacher, Simon Bainbridge or the Chair of Governors, Esther Harris.

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