Our provision for the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our students is completely interwoven into our curriculum and takes many different forms to meet the varied needs of our young people. Our values are taught and modelled throughout every school day by every member of staff.

A class discussion on Sikhism which asks students to reflect on how Sikhs worship may have obvious spiritual and cultural aspects but our classroom expectations regarding taking turns in talking and listening to the views of others will also benefit pupils’ social and moral progress.

All school assemblies at Highfield reinforce social development as we take turns in setting out and putting away chairs and also in presenting information. The topics of our assemblies will often cover a spiritual or cultural theme, from Ramadan to St. Georges Day. Each assembly also finishes on a celebration where we recognise and reinforce the positive achievements of students from across the school. Our students appreciate that achievement comes in many different forms and that it should all be recognised, no matter how small the increments of progress.

Highfield students enjoy many opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. These experiences range from walks to the local church café, to our annual visit to hear the Kings College Choir each Christmas to a summertime residential trip to Wales. All of these activities broaden and develop the spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness of our students.

Please contact the Head of School if you would like further information about how SMSC provision takes shape in any of the different curricula across the school.

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