The Green Pathway is our curriculum for semi-formal learners. This represents the majority of students at Highfield Ely. ​

The curriculum has been designed with the individual needs of our Green Pathway learners in mind. These are wide-ranging and incorporate a number of different diagnoses and learning styles. The curriculum has been designed so that it can be adapted to suit the needs of all Green Pathway classes throughout the school.  ​

The primary focuses of this curriculum are communication, interaction, physical, social and emotional well-being; we also strive to lay the foundations of more academic subjects such as English and Maths. ​Our aim is always for pupils to make ongoing progress towards living as independently as possible into adulthood. 

Who is the Green Pathway for?

Students working within this Pathway commonly present with the following areas of need: ​

  • Communication and interaction ​
  • Physical and/or Emotional well being ​
  • Cognition and learning ​
  • Independence ​

The Pathway for each student is decided on an individual basis based on the best way to meet needs. ​The Pathway system is designed to be fluid, meaning that pupils are able to move between Pathways throughout their school career if appropriate for their needs. 

The Curriculum

The curriculum is divided into 6 broad areas:


The Green Pathway curriculum is taught through an engaging termly topic and text, within a five-year rolling programme.  Examples of topics are:

Green Pathway Topics This Year

These topics are differentiated and individually planned by teachers to suit the needs of their class.

This is an example medium term plan for the topic ‘Wonderful Water’, showing the range of learning activities within the curriculum areas.



The majority of primary-aged learners begin in the Green Pathway, as this developmental curriculum is ideal to meet the needs of our pupils in EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2. A small number of primary aged pupils will begin in the Blue Pathway as this will best suit their needs.   

In the primary department, learning opportunities are provided by a range of play-based and multi-sensory activities, often through continuous provision or small group activities.  Many learners will remain on the Green Pathway for their entire educational experience at Highfield Ely. The curriculum is adapted to be age-appropriate for older pupils.  As an example, for the topic ‘To The Rescue’, the primary classes may have a superhero theme, whereas the secondary classes may focus on a more functional understanding of the emergency services and how to recognise and access them.

Other learners will begin on the Green Pathway but later move into the Yellow Pathway as they progress through the school and become ready for a more formal curriculum, usually as they move into Key Stage 3 or 4. 




Attention Autism

This is an intervention model designed by Gina Davies, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist. It aims to develop both attention skills and natural and spontaneous communication through the use of visually based and highly motivating activities.

AAC - Augmentative and alternative communication

This includes Makaton, PECS, Communication books, Visual supports, timetables and social stories. We aim to have total communication classrooms where pupils are able to use the right communication methods for their individual needs.

Rebound Therapy

Exercise therapy which uses trampolines to provide opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation for people across the whole spectrum of special needs.

Horse Riding

Pupils attend horse riding on a referral basis. This helps support both their physical and social development.

Lego®-Based Therapy

A group designed to support development of social communication skills through the engaging and motivational medium of Lego®.

Independence (Based on the TEACCH approach)

Pupils access this provision to support them become more independent and autonomous learners. There is a strong emphasis on structure and routine supported by visuals.


Moving on from the Green Pathway

Some pupils will move on to access a more formal curriculum within the Yellow Pathway as they progress during their time at Highfield Ely and may access sixth form at another local college. 
Other pupils will stay in the Green Pathway for Key Stage 4 and Sixth Form. The focus for pupils in the Green Pathway at this stage is functional skills to enable our learners to live as independently as possible when they leave Highfield; their learning will include personal care, money skills and home management skills, as well as functional literacy and numeracy. 

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