All pupils are given the opportunity to develop their phonics skills. We understand the early development of reading and phonic skills through listening to and exploring music and environmental sounds, sounds from the body and through the use of intensive interaction.


If and when pupils are ready, a phonic approach is used to develop the skills and knowledge associated with language and reading. We follow ‘Letters and Sounds’, a phonics programme that is used to support children with their reading and spelling. In the Green pathway this is delivered through ‘Story time phonics’. In the Yellow pathway we teach it during stand-alone sessions, sometimes as a whole class and sometimes within interventions. We also draw upon other approaches that may support individual children, for example ‘Toe by Toe’, ‘See and Learn’ and ‘sight reading’.



Explanation of technical vocabulary:

Phoneme - a sound as it is said. 

Grapheme - a sound that is written .

Digraph– Two letters that work together to make the same sound, e.g. ch as in chicken.

Trigraph - Three letters that work together to make the same sound, e.g. igh as in high.

Split digraph - Two letters that work together to make the same sound, separated by another

letter, e.g. a-e as in bake.

Blending- blending letter sounds together.

Sounding out- breaking down sounds within a word, e.g. c-a-t



We use a wide range of reading strategies to meet the needs of our learners. Please see the map below.


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