We use an app called Evidence for Learning (E4L) to record evidence of progress. Parents and carers can also upload evidence gathered outside school. Evidence can be linked to learners' targets by Teachers and TA’s - Teachers are ultimately responsible for the quality of evidence provided.

Evidence for Learning - YouTube

We formatively assess learners against EHCP outcomes (targets) and Pathway targets in all Pathways, every day throughout the school year.

In the Yellow Pathway, targets relate to English, Maths and PSHE.

In the Green Pathway we assess against the 6 Pathway target areas (My Body, My Independence, My World etc).

In the Blue Pathway we assess against Routes for Learning targets and the Engagement model.

We also assess reading skills in Green and Yellow Pathways.


Teachers and Department Leaders meet informally every half term to discuss classes. During these conversations, we review the progress of each pupil and discuss ways to improve progress where it is faltering. Department Leaders feed these conversations back to the Head of School during their weekly support and challenge meetings.

Assessment Points 1 and 2

At two points in the year (Assessment Point 1- immediately after the first half term and Assessment Point 2 after the last half term break) we assess pupil progress against Pathway (curriculum) targets and record a judgement on reading. Teachers record judgements as either "Not Achieving", "Emerging", "Developing", "Secure" or "Exceeding".

Progress against EHCP outcomes is also assessed separately twice a year. This happens once at the annual review and again 6 months later. We assess progress against Long and Short Term Outcomes.

Overall Progress Reviews (1, 2 and 3)

In addition to assessing the degree to which learners are meeting targets, teachers also provide a judgement three times a year (see above) as to whether learners are making “below expected progress” “as expected progress” or “above expected progress”. These statements should be supported by the bank of evidence we have for each learner.

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