Brighton Marathon

Thanks to all who supported me in my Marathon efforts. I am pleased to say that I completed the Brighton Marathon in 3 hours 57 minutes. Given that it was a very hot day and I had cramp for the last 12km I was very pleased to get under 4 hours. Hope to see you all soon, Simon

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School update

Hello all,

There have been lots of developments since Christmas which I thought I would update you on. Highfield is on a really exciting journey currently with many development projects for Highfield Ely, and we are looking to see how we can best work across two sites with Highfield…

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Highfield news

Dear Parent or Carer,

It has been a very busy new year with many changes taking place at Highfield Ely. This term we have gone through a restructure of our leadership team so that it aligns with the leadeship team at Highfield Littleport as it grows into a full and thriving school like…

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